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To save Kutubdia island from river erosion

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Bangladesh is one of the most populated countries in the world having 32% coastal area that is 47,211 square kilometres. According to the population census in 2001, some 35 million people live in the coastal area which is 28% of the total population.
According to the geographic position and Biodiversity, it is to say that the coastal ecosystem is the most diversified and ever changing. It has a vibrant potentials as well as jeopardy and hazards. Through last couple of decades development activities of mankind, especially, the over exploitations and pollutions of the water resource and biodiversity have increased the risks of the disasters as a result of
climate changes. Especially, river erosion, flood, tidal waves, cyclones become ever
related to these regions. Continuing river erosion and increasing birth rate on the other hand made the coast inhabitants vulnerable and homeless. According to some analysis, it is seen that the livelihood standard, average age, per capita land, access to education, health service, social security in the coastal areas etc are much less than those of mainland. As a result, the social and economic vulnerability is increasing with the natural calamities, especially, river erosion.

River erosion and submerging of the coastal lands are the national phenomenon being one of the main natural disasters. Centre for Environment and Geographic Information Services- CEGIS shows in a recent research that 0.1 million people become homeless every year in the country due to river erosion. In the last 34 years submerging of river side lands are 219286 acres in Jamuna, 69135 acres in Ganges and 95119 acres in Padma. To be concerned that, erosion in
the Jamuna would cause 3408 acres of land, 543 localities, 3360 metres of embankment, 5160 metres of roads, 4 educational institutions, and 2 market place to be submerged by 2007.
In the mean time, the Ganges would cause 1778 acres of lands, 136 acres of localities and 570 meters of roads while the Padma would cause 1600 acres of lands, 370 acres of localities, 3930 metres of roads, 9 educational institutions, 5 market places and 1 Union Council office to be submerged in the river by recent rate of erosion. Geography and Environmental Science
Department of the Jahangirnagar University presented a chart of the losses of river erosion between 1996 to 2000, that is as follows, Loss of life may not be happened due to erosion but it makes people undone. It causes a massive financial loss. Huge erosion is seen in the coastal islands such as Bhola, Sandwip, Hatya, Kutubdia etc. Coastal estuaries, especially, the basin of Kutubdia Channel, Hatya Channel, Sandwip Channel and Karnafulli filled with about 30868 cubic metres of tidal water from the Bay ofBengal and again carry down the fresh waters from
38896 km2 of oastal and mid areas of Bangladesh. The immense pressure of the downwards tide, current force and twirl, waves and tides, lack of trees on the riverbank causes erosion to the coastal islands every year. However, the highest rate of the erosion is on the Bhola mainland with some islands including Kutubdia.

Government initiates for embankment construction and maintenance every year in association with the Water Development Board in order to protect the coastal erosion. It is true that, the fund allocation is much less than the need,moreover, there is lack of proper implementation for mobilization of this fund. In 2004, it is seen in Tojumuddin in Bhola that localities are being eroded and on the other hand, new embankment is being built very nearly. According to the local people this embankment would not sustain long and soon it would be submerged to the river. The suppliers never maintain the proper size and quantity while making sand bag for the protection of embankment, they usually report and claim bill for 1000 bags against only
100 bags provided. On the other hand, Water Development Board built 40 kilometres of embankment to protect Kutubdia from erosion, of which 24 kilometres have been damaged in the cyclone of 1991.In the re-tender of the embankment reconstruction, Rajakhali, Khudiar Tek and Tabaler Char were deducted from the list of protected area by the embankment. It brings the total area of the Kutubdia Island to only 36 square kilometres. Though the damaged length of the embankment is around 10.5 km but reconstruction is only going on for 0.42 km. Under this situation nothing could save Kutubdia in any disaster. The risk of submerging of Kutubdia is gradually increasing, but no protection measures are taken yet. Some marginal level of mangrove plantation and embankment construction have been so far done out of government initiatives. Mangroves are being destroyed gradually by the Shrimp culture and Salt fields. If this rate sustains, it will not take more than 45 to 50 years to erode completely.
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