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Damaged dam threatens hybrid power plant in Kutubdia island

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Big breaches in the seawater protection dam have threatened the existence of the country's lone 1000kw capacity wind and battery powered hybrid electricity plant in the island of Kutubdia, its chief executive said Saturday.
Md. Fazlur Rahman, managing director of Pan Asia Power Services Ltd that operates the plant, said the dam protecting the wind turbines along the coast has been damaged badly in cyclones, raising fears for the long term prospect of the project.
"The Water Development Board (WDB) constructed the four kilometres dam decades ago. But now they don't bother about filling up the one-kilometre long breach washed away by cyclones in the last two years," he told reporters in Dhaka. He said the authorities have dumped some sand bags to protect the 50 wind turbines powering the plant, but they might give in to increasingly rough seawater. "We need a permanent solution to protect the hybrid plant, which is the lone source of electricity for Kutubdia's thousands of farmers," he said, urging the government to reconstruct the dam immediately.

"Please save it. It is the first, largest and successfully running renewable energy project in the country, providing power to some of the poorest people in the country," he said.
Pan Asia Power Services started building the rare electricity plant over two acres of land in 2007 and finished the project in March 2008. In the past one year it has generated some 240 megawatt of power. The project cost more than Tk 11 million although installations of all materials, equipment and machinery were completed by local people.
Rahman said that it costs Tk 7-8 to generate one unit of electricity at the plant while the existing diesel-run plant in the island spends Tk 40 to generate similar amount of power. He said the project was commissioned ahead of the schedule and it was supposed to be taken over by the state-run Power Development Board (PDB) about nine months ago. But the PDB, which commissioned the project, is not showing any interest in its takeover.

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